Tuesday, July 1, 2008

A new home for me and mine

I haven't been keeping up this blog very well, but I have been busy.

One of the things keeping me so busy is house shopping. My partner and I looking to start a family, and the loft lifestyle doesn't mesh well with having children, so we're abandoning our cool loft for more a more mundane dwelling in suburbia.

After months of looking, my partner and I just bought a house together. One of the considerations was what to do with all my arcade games. She was very supportive of finding a spot that could house my games. I really don't appreciate her enough.

The place we ended up buying had this little shed out back. When we bought it, it had some bug-ugly carpet, a crappy paint job, and a mis-mash of ad-hoc particle board shelve that were out-gassing formaldahyde so badly that one friend refused to spend more than 30 seconds inside it.

But it did have power, and it's own sub-panel with 80 amp service, and we did some quick measurements and decided that it would be a perfect arcade. After a few changes......

So, out came the carpet and shelves, and on went a coat (or two) of Behr Palace Purple (code 630D-6 if you want some of your own), and a fluorescent fixture that looks like it's right out of an 80's arcade:

But the best part was I found a flooring made of interlocking rubber tiles designed for a garage or other workspace, and a checkerboard pattern of navy blue and black ended up looking great.

Tomorrow: What it looks like with some of the games inside.....

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