Friday, March 7, 2008

Self indulgent, but immensely fun...

I've decided to publish this blog quasi-anonymously, though it probably won't be too hard to find out my real name--should you really care.

I'm a collector of classic arcade games. Ya know... about 6 ft. (185 cm) tall, weigh about 300 lbs (135 kg), and take quarters (insert local currency here). I currently own 14 of them. Even though they're not all at home, the 9 that are tend to fill up the house quite a bit. Luckily, my partner is really supportive, as long as I keep her favorite in working order. Right now, we live in an old cotton mill converted to work-live lofts, so we've got plenty of space, but we need to move, since this is no place to raise a family.

I'l be blogging about collecting, repairing, restoring--and most importantly, playing these monstrosities. As well as trying to balance this self-indulgent attempt to live out my adolescent fantasy of living in an arcade, with the more mundane* issues of work, home and family.


* But ultimately more important.

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